WAHALA! DJ Chicken’s Junior Brother Drags Him, Says He Is The One That Killed Their Mother (VIDEO)

Popular TikTok content creator, DJ Chicken is under fire as he got dragged by his Junior Brother, Aunty on social media for killing their mother.

DJ Chicken Junior Brother with the name, Akanbi took to TikTok live to narrate the ordeal the family at large faced from DJ Chicken.

When our mother was sick, we called him for one and a half years, but he didn’t show up. He was too busy enjoying his luxurious life and spending his money on useless things. He didn’t care about us at all.

The money he has didn’t just happen, we did some ritual for him so he can make it, and now he is calling us wretched. Yes, you heard that right. We did sacrifice for him.

He is the most ungrateful person I have ever met. He doesn’t deserve to be called our brother. He is a selfish, greedy, and heartless man who only thinks of himself. He has no idea what we went through for him, and he doesn’t care.

I’m writing this to warn you all. Don’t trust him. Don’t help him. Don’t associate with him. He will only use you and then throw you away like garbage. He is not worth your time or your energy. He is a lost cause.

Thank you for reading my rant. I hope you have a better day than I do.

Watch the video below:-


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