Black Sherif – Oh No

Oh No Lyrics by Black Sherif
Black Sherif Oh No

This intriguing song, “OH NO”, confirms Black Sherif‘s status as one of the most promising musicians in the business and displays his extraordinary talent.

The song “OH NO”, is Black Sherif’s most recent release of the year. Prior releases have received a lot of praise and appreciation from both critics and fans. Black Sherif pushes limits and creates music that profoundly connects with listeners with every release.

When the sound of Black Sherif’s hit song “Money” blasted through the airwaves of Ghanaian radio stations in 2019, it was clear that a new force had arrived on the music scene. Little did anyone know that the artist behind the song, Black Sherif, would become the most talked-about musician in Ghana and beyond in only a few short years.

You can listen to “Oh No” by  Video Visualizer here.

Born in Accra, Ghana, he is a fast-rising musician, producer, and songwriter who has taken the Ghanaian music industry by storm. Through his unique blend of Afrobeat, highlife, and hip-hop, he has created a sound that is both modern and traditional, captivating international audiences.

his music is characterized by powerful lyrics and an uplifting message. His songs speak to the struggles of everyday life, offering a sense of hope and resilience to the listener. His music is often heavily influenced by his own experiences, making it even more relatable.

Black Sherif has become known for his highly energetic live performances, as well as his collaborations with other prominent Ghanaian artists. His most recent collaboration with award-winning artist KiDi, titled “Enjoyment”, has become an instant hit, further cementing Black Sherif’s status as an influential artist in the Ghanaian music industry.


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